The Seoul Industrial Promotion Agency is holding the AI ROBOT HACKATHON MAGOK 2021 event to provide startups with opportunities to explore their ideas, from inception to production, with NVIDIA hardware and software platforms based on Jetson Nano and JetBot.

As part of the workshop series in AI ROBOT HACKATHON MAGOK 2021, the Seoul Business Agency (SBA), in association with NVIDIA and, is organizing a two-day training on how DeepStream Framework is accelerating Intelligent Video Analytics applications on NVIDIA GPUs. DeepStream applications introduce deep neural networks and other complex processing tasks into a stream processing pipeline to enable near real-time analytics on video and other sensor data. Extracting meaningful insights from these sensors creates opportunities for improved operational efficiencies and safety. The potential use of video analytics is enormous, which can include (but not limited to): access control, loss prevention, automated checkout, surveillance, safety, automated inspection (QA), package sort (smart logistics), traffic control/engineering, industrial automation expanding AI, and Robotics.

This NVIDIA DeepStream Bootcamp is a closed event for the AI ROBOT HACKATHON MAGOK 2021 attendees only and has limited capacity. For more information, please visit AI ROBOT HACKATHON MAGOK 2021 official website

Event Format 

This two-day online Bootcamp will be taught in the local language (Korean) and hosted in the Korean Standard Time (KST) zone. All communication will be done through Zoom, Slack, and email.


  • Basic experience with C/C++ or Fortran. No GPU programming knowledge is required.
  • This DeepStream GPU Bootcamp is a closed event for the AI ROBOT HACKATHON MAGOK 2021 attendees. 

This event has limited capacity. You will be receiving an acceptance email with details on how to participate by November 5, 2021.

GPU Compute Resources 

Attendees will be given access to a GPU cluster for the duration of the Bootcamp. 


Day 1: November 6, 2021, 13:00 PM - 17:00 PM (All times are KST)

  • Welcome (Moderator)
  • Introduction to Deepstream and Gstreamer 
  • Lab 1: Getting started with DeepStream Pipeline
  • Lab 2: Introduction to Multi-DNN pipeline

Day 2: November 7, 2021, 13:00 PM - 17:00 PM (All times are KST)

  • Lab 3: Creating a multi-stream pipeline
  • Lab 4: Mini-Challenge: Combining Multi-stream with Multi-DNN pipeline
  • DeepStream on Jetson Nano tutorial: Pre-recorded presentation 
Event Focus

Important Event Dates

  • NVIDIA DeepStream Bootcamp Application Deadline
  • NVIDIA DeepStream Bootcamp Day 1
  • NVIDIA DeepStream Bootcamp Day 2