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Complete the following application for your event of choice. An asterisk indicates required information. Please note that in accordance with laws and regulations, participants must be over the age of 13 (16 if the event is located in Europe). Additionally, please do not submit information that you deem proprietary or confidential.

Examples: molecular dynamics, aystophysics, etc.
What is the size (LOC)? What language(s) and libraries are used in this app? Is it Open Source? Describe the current performance characteristics. Where does it run (e.g.: CPU, GPU)? Describe what you envision in performance gains by porting to GPUs. Is it Open Source? Describe the size of your user community and the impact it might have. Please answer all of the questions.
Please specify the programming model or libraries you are planning to use for GPU acceleration (e.g. CUDA, CUDA Fortran, OpenACC, OpenMP, cuBLAS, cuFFT, etc.).
Is your model similar to ResNet-50 CNN, LSTM, BERT, random forest, etc.? What optimizer and/or training method are you using? What systems have you worked on before with your data and models?
Describe what types of algorithms dominate your application, especially the ones your team is targeting for acceleration.
Describe the current performance characteristics of your application. Where does it run (CPU, GPU)? How many nodes does it scale to?