GPU Bootcamps and GPU Hackathons are events created to help computational scientists and researchers develop the hands-on, real-world GPU skills needed to accelerate their scientific efforts and advance discoveries.

Participants are expected to understand and agree to the GPU Hackathons General Terms and Conditions.  

GPU Bootcamps

GPU bootcamps are free, one- or two-day events intended to teach scientists and researchers how to start quickly accelerating codes on GPUs, introduce foundational AI concepts and skills, or understand know to extract knowledge from data sets within Data Science. 

Participants are introduced to available libraries, programming models, and platforms through a mix of lectures, labs and extensive hands-on collaboration based on real-life codes, data and use cases. To keep the events both productive and fun, bootcamps include a competition component where teams work on mini-applications to show the best acceleration techniques. 

The ultimate goals for GPU Bootcamps are to help participants gain confidence with GPU programming, ready them to start working on their own codes after the event, and prepare them to apply to full GPU Hackathons in the future.

GPU Hackathons

Our GPU Hackathons are intensive applied mentoring sessions designed to help computational scientists port scientific applications to GPUs using libraries, programming models and other tools, or to explore and expand artificial intelligence solutions using real data sets and models. 

These events provide a perfect collaboration environment where participants work in teams with mentors by their side for the duration of the event. Participants can access the collective expertise of the event by not only leveraging their assigned mentors, but also by tapping into the experience of all other mentors and learning from other teams. 

All participants have access to dedicated GPU compute resources for the duration of the event, giving them the opportunity to leverage the latest architectures and tools.

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