The OLCF’s annual GPU hackathon is multi-day coding event in which teams of developers prepare their own application(s) to run on GPUs or focus on optimizing their application(s) that currently run on GPUs. Teams typically consist of three or more developers who are intimately familiar with (some part of) their application, and they work alongside two mentors with GPU programming expertise. These hackathon offers a unique opportunity for teams to set aside time for development, surround themselves with experts in the field, and push toward their development goals. During the event, teams will have access to the OLCF’s Ascent training system (same node architecture as Summit). The OLCF hackathon is one of a series of events that we co-organize with NVIDIA each year.

For more detailed information, please visit the OLCF GPU Hackathon landing page.

Event Focus

Important Event Dates

  • OLCF GPU Hackathon application deadline
  • OLCF GPU Hackathon Day 1
  • OLCF GPU Hackathon Day 2
  • OLCF GPU Hackathon Day 3
  • OLCF GPU Hackathon Day 4