Welcome to NVIDIA's internal version of the renowned GPU Hackathons. This is an opportunity for engineers and developers to learn AI, with mentors and hands-on training, and compete to develop a deployable Deep learning pipeline using NVIDIA AI technology stack, for COVID-19 mass surveillance.

Participation in this event is limited to NVIDIA India employees only and on a first come first serve basis--we will accept a maximum of 40 teams who can participate in this event. For inquiries, please join the NVIDIA Slack channel at #gpu_ai_india_hackathon.

Why Participate?

Whether you are a beginner or an ML expert, the GPU AI Hackathon is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to learn and apply knowledge of AI and Nvidia products for real life applications. The selected participants will be provided with the following during the Hackathon:

  • Compute Infrastructure: Access to 1 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU powered system.
  • Training: Participants will be provided training on latest HPC-AI tools  including basics of Deep Learning, NVIDIA DeepStream SDK and AI GPU libraries from NVIDIA (wherever applicable).
  • Mentorship: Mentors from NVIDIA DeepStream product and SA team will guide the participants to help achieve optimal results during the course of Hackathon.

The Problem Statement: Estimate Social Distancing using Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA):

The objective of the competition portion of the AI Hackathon is to find patterns on input sources like camera, satellite, social platforms which can help identify suspicious activities to stop or track the spread of COVID-19. Two persons are considered “too close” if the bounding boxes overlap over a certain threshold. This ensures that the metric is scale invariant (persons farther from the camera are treated the same as the ones closer). Further it’s required to create an application for this in NVIDIA Deepstream SDK in order to perform large scale deployment and  analytics:

  • If the distance between two people is less than a certain threshold, it should send an alert.
  • If there are dense crowds in any region it should send an alert with location.

Reference Dataset: Pascal-VOC, MS-COCO

Expected Outcome:

  • Develop an efficient Neural Network to estimate social distancing. Beneficiary identification.
  • Generate real time alerts via Deepstream SDK for mentioned anomaly.

Evaluation Metrics:

  • Performance in terms of number of input feeds with FPS (Frame Per Second) 
  • Accuracy with maximum true positive or recall.

Participants will submit the log details of FPS and Accuracy before the final demo.

References/Existing Work:

Existing Implementation

Sample Input Feeds:


No, the only requirement is that the participants know coding and preferably know or can learn python programming. The GPU bootcamp will cover the basics of Deep Learning so no prior AI knowledge is required. Also, there is hands-on training on NVIDIA stack like DeepStream along with mentors who will guide the participants. All NVIDIA India Employees are eligible to participate.
We recognise all participants will have their project commitments. Therefore, we are providing teams with GPU access, mentor and training. It is recommended though that teams dedicate a few hours daily to have continuity which results in better output.
This is a team-based event and each team needs at least 3 members to participate. If you want help finding other team members, please reach out to us on our slack channel #gpu_ai_india_hackathon.
The submissions will be judged on the following criteria:
  • Technological Superiority: Use of latest AI models, better performance and accuracy.
  • Innovation Quotient: Innovative with research quotient and potential to become a unique solution.
  • Viability: The solution is practically feasible in a real world scenario considering the cost to solution, ease of integration into existing infrastructure and easy deployment in the field.
Event Focus

Important Event Dates

  • KGMON Invited Talk: How to Win ML Competitions
  • NVIDIA India AI Hackathon: Questions Clarified
  • NVIDIA India AI Hackathon Application Deadline
  • NVIDIA India AI Hackathon: GPU Bootcamp Day 1
  • NVIDIA India AI Hackathon: GPU Bootcamp Day 2
  • NVIDIA India AI Hackathon Begins Online
  • NVIDIA India AI Hackathon Concludes
  • NVIDIA India AI Hackathon Final Solution Submissions and Presentations
  • Announcement of Winners