Artificial intelligence will be an enormous part of the future workforce. It’s expected to generate 2 million net job gains versus losses by 2025. India Academia Connect AI Hackathon will help the participants from leading research institutions with the opportunity to learn and implement the latest AI technology, preparing them for a future AI-powered economy, with a large research and developer base.


Event Format

This Hackathon will be hosted online with all times Indian Standard Time (IST). All communication will be done through Zoom, Slack and email. 

Problem Statement

During the event, participants will be working on a problem of Image classification. The input dataset will consist of images containing Hindi characters. The challenge is to identify the presence of a character in images using Convolutional Neural Networks.

The dataset will contain the following:

  • Train Dataset: Consists of sample reference sets which can be used by participants to train the Convolution Neural Network. The participants are recommended to use their own training dataset if required. 
  • Test Dataset: The test dataset will contain the images to be classified and results to be submitted in the form of a JSON file. More details on the JSON format and a sample provided as part of the dataset.

Submissions are evaluated on Accuracy Score between the predicted and the actual labels on the test dataset.

  • You can download the dataset from this Drive Link. The dataset consists of a README file.
  • Fill out and submit the official application form by Sept 19, 2021. The application calls for teams to provide test results for problem statements. Please ensure your solution is submitted as JSON, template provided.

GPU Compute Resource

Teams attending the event will be given access to a GPU cluster with Tesla V100 GPUs for the duration of the Hackathon.


The teams are allowed to change the submissions after logging into account till the registration deadline. The submission will be evaluated on daily basis and leaderboard will be updated based on score that represents the evaluation on test data. 

Daily leaderboard updates: India Academia Connect AI Hackathon Leaderboard 


  • Experience with Python, AI and Computer Vision. No GPU Programming knowledge is required. 
  • As this is an India local event, the participating team members should belong to Indian institutes. 


  • The top 3 teams at the end of the event will win prizes amounting to 5 Lakh INR in total.
Event Focus

Important Event Dates

  • India Academia Connect AI Hackathon Application Deadline
  • GPU Bootcamp
  • Teams work with Mentors Day 1
  • Teams work with Mentors Last Day
  • India Academia Connect AI Hackathon Final Presentation Day 1
  • India Academia Connect AI Hackathon Final Presentation Day 2