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COVID-19 has changed the landscape across the world as our scientific, medical and technology communities unite in an effort to slow the spread and develop ways to combat the infection.

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In this profile series, we interview different mentors from across all walks of life - those who strive to solve the greatest challenges of our time, who work to spearhead technology advancements, and who collaborate with the developer community to enable scientific discoveries. 

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We’re excited to announce the official launch of our new website! A long time coming, this new website marks the growth of the GPU Hackathons program and OpenACC Organization’s continued commitment to bringing crucial skills to the research and developer community.

Our Humble Beginnings

Little did we know when we held the first GPU Hackathon in cooperation with the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, that what started as one event would spark a full hackathon program.